Gifts of Real Estate

Did you know that it’s possible to turn your real estate into a gift for Alaska’s future? 

Giving a gift of real estate to Great Land Trust can frequently save you thousands of dollars in income, estate, and capital gains taxes, while providing a substantial benefit to the local lands and waters you value so much.

We can accept gifts of residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate. You receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the property, with no capital gains liability on the transfer. You are freed from paying real estate taxes, liability insurance and maintenance costs on the property and can avoid the hassles of handling negotiations that go with selling property on your own. Best of all, your gift will provide meaningful support for conservation projects in your backyard.

In south Anchorage, Frances Fonfara, a passionate botanist, gifted her home to Great Land Trust. The sale of Frances’ home helped accomplish top priority conservation projects like Tanglewood Park, the property she loved. In cases of donated real estate, Great Land Trust will sell the property/land and apply the proceeds to the program you direct.*

  1. We must review and approve the transfer before the gift of real estate can be completed.  Among other issues, we will consider the property’s marketability and environmental status.
  2. You will have to secure an independent appraisal to establish the property’s value for the charitable deduction.

You can leave a legacy for Alaska, protect wild salmon habitat and our treasured open spaces by making a planned gift with Great Land Trust. Learn about our Legacy Circle.

If you would like to learn more about donating real estate to Great Land Trust, please call Ellen Kazary at (907) 278-4998.

* If you are interested in donating land you wish to see preserved in its natural state, please contact Dave Mitchell at (907) 278-4998 for more information.