Stewardship & Land Management

Every year our staff monitors and stewards all of our lands with conservation easements. This summer we were out and about on 30 properties from Talkeetna to Girdwood!

Municipality of Anchorage Conservation Easements (17):

  • Andover Natural Area
  • Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area & Trails
  • Eagle River Greenbelt
  • Eklutna Native Cultural Conservation Easement
  • Eklutna River Estuary
  • Harmany Ranch
  • Helen Louise McDowell Sanctuary & Boardwalk
  • Fire Creek Estuary
  • Fish Creek Estuary
  • Klatt Bog Wetlands
  • La Honda Natural Area
  • Little Campbell Creek Greenbelt
  • Mink Creek
  • Schmidt Overlook
  • Skilling Natural Area
  • Tanglewood/Sundew Park & Boardwalk
  • Waldron Family Homestead & Natural Area

Mat-Su Valley Conservation Easements (10):

  • Edgerton Reserve
  • Goodman Family Spring Creek
  • Goodwin Homestead
  • Holser Homestead
  • Knik River Islands
  • Montgomery Homestead
  • Mud Lake
  • O’Brien Creek Estuary & Homestead
  • Seldon Reserve
  • Su Knik Wetlands

Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Conservation Easements (3):

  • Dale Saunders Crane Sanctuary
  • Phalarope Springs
  • Little Question Lake

Kodiak Conservation Easements

  • Bear Walk (Afognak Island)

In 2016 we will begin monitoring these additional Conservation Easements:

  • Etnen Bunkda (Tyonek)
  • Bodenburg Butte (Mat-Su Valley)
  • Downs/Upper Little Su (Mat-Su Valley)

*The following conservation properties were purchased by GLT and added to a State Park, State Recreation Area, or State Refuge. We do not hold conservation easements on these properties.

  • Rabbit Creek access point (Pathways to the Chugach project)
  • Near Point access point (Pathways to the Chugach project)
  • South Fork access point (Pathways to the Chugach project)
  • Wasilla Creek Wetlands & Boardwalk
  • Rabbit Slough access point
  • Little Su Wetlands/Rec. River
  • Northern Afognak Island