Meet Great Land Trust

For Alaskans, living close to the land is a given.
Find out how our work supports your way of life—now and in the future

Our Priorities

Our Approach

Strategy, science and partnerships propel GLT’s conservation efforts across Southcentral Alaska.

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In Alaska, it can be hard to tell where private lands end and public lands begin. Great Land Trust works with landowners, agencies and communities to ensure permanent access to our public lands.

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Using state-of-the-art Geographic Informational Systems (GIS) technology, GLT assesses the tangible value of the lands and waters around us in order to make informed and strategic conservation choices.

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Stewardship & Land Management

With 32 conservation easements, we have two full-time staff dedicated to monitoring, stewarding, and managing the lands we have protected in perpetuity.

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Healthy and thriving wildlife habitat and filling our freezers with fish and game makes Southcentral Alaska special. Great Land Trust strategically conserves important wildlife habitats, corridors, and open space.

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Great Land Trust makes Southcentral Alaska a better place to live, work and play. Our quality of life is linked to our healthy natural resources and access to the outdoors.

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