Fall 2010 Newsletter

GLTWinter2010-1Great Land Trust staff are excited to announce that we are currently on track to complete the Campbell Creek Estuary conservation project this fall! We have worked very hard with the Municipality to supply additional funding assurances such that the property is provided to the Muni with sufficient resources to do the necessary site cleanup, planning, infrastructure development and ongoing maintenance. This means that GLT will have some added fundraising responsibilities so we will be looking to our members and new funders for support. The property contains significant forested uplands of birch, aspen, spruce and cottonwood as well as over a half mile of Campbell Creek itself and the surrounding salt marsh that is so important to the many birds and other wildlife that frequent coastal Anchorage. The parcel is adjacent to the 32,000 acre Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge which allows citizens a chance to view sandhill cranes, beluga whales, shorebirds and many other species we are lucky to have in this amazing city we call home. We only have until Nov 30, 2010 to raise the rest of the funds to purchase this parcel so consider how you might be able to help us in our efforts. We have received an amazing outpouring of support from the community for the project, which made a big difference in turning the tide on the project. See our website at localhost/GLT or our new Great Land Trust Facebook page for more information about this exciting project.

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