Eat Wild Sticker

About Mandy:

I balance my time as a freelance printmaker, illustrator, and land conservation professional in Homer, Alaska. Our great state is nothing if not full of inspiration. The majority of my current work focuses on textile surface pattern design. I incorporate elements of the natural world in my sketches, illustrations, and paintings, and then turn these into repeating pattern graphics in Adobe Illustrator. These patterns are then applied to a silkscreen for printing onto hemp, linen, and organic cotton fabric yardage for my small business, Homesteading Roasters. This printing company moniker was developed when I found myself living a rural, semi-self-sufficient mountain lifestyle out West, and ongoing printing projects were regularly interrupted by a house full of smoke from my novice home coffee roasting activities. My husband and I have spent the past six years in Homer, Alaska, full of actual, industrious homesteaders, rather than the young urban hipster types. With cold dark winters necessitating prolific indoor hobbies, and 149 rainy days lending themselves to exuberant coffee consumption, Homesteading Roasters is thriving in the 49th state, despite the unmerited name. 
For the Eat Wild design for Great Land Trust, I wanted to create an illustration that captured some of the most accessible and favorite Alaskan wild edibles.  Arts advocacy is a big interest of mine, and I was thrilled to work on a project that highlighted a traditional aspect of our local food movement for an organization that does so much to protect the land where wild things live and grow!