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Spring Creek Farm

Seventy-four acres of Alaska’s essential farmland are now conserved forever! The Alaska Pacific University (APU) Kellogg Spring Creek Farm is currently the largest privately-owned working farm in Southcentral Alaska and is located in the fastest growing region of the state, where productive farmland is rapidly…

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2017 Notes from the Field: Happiness

Even though there’s snow on the ground and the temperatures are still well below freezing, we’re already looking ahead to the 2018 summer field season. While visiting the 35 properties that GLT holds conservation easements on each year, we always try to have a little bit…

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I have a son and twin granddaughters, and more than leaving them money, I want to leave them a world that is healthy and sustainable. That is why I have included GLT in my estate plans as a 50% beneficiary of my IRA.
Connie Wolfe, Legacy Circle Charter Member